And so it begins

I’m a lover of writing and over the years have found myself in a bit of a slump when it comes to writing. Either its struggling to find the time let alone the words, or just inspiration and motivation. Of late, I think of late its been more a case of the latter. In current times a blog is perhaps the easiest way to write, save for a pen and a piece of paper, so this is me – blogging. Bare in mind, I’m not a fabulous fashionista with the latest and hottest tips and tricks, or a massive fitness guru with the next trick on ridding yourself of belly fat – no, I’m just Cherry, a curious cat from Cape Town, navigating my way through this maze called life and scribbling down anything that interests me.

So, a bit about me. I’m a person who feels extremes – if something doesn’t excite me, I barely give it the time of day. Not to say that I wouldn’t do it, because thats another thing about me – I’m not a quitter.I take on all challenges that come my way. So I guess you could say that writing hasn’t held the same excitement it held for me in previous years. Hopefully, thats about to change now.

When I got back into writing I was going through a tornado of emotions, and I used writing as a form of release. To an extent it helped (not as much as crying though) but I found that I was being monotonous in what I was writing. Basically, it was a case of same shit different day and that started bothering me. I want my writing to explore more than just my state of mind. I want it to hold more value than only motions of happiness and sadness. I want to explore my writing as much as I want to explore the world and thats what I’m set on doing here. Exploring. Much as I will continue my personal writings, I want to write about things that bring me joy, about tumbling upon new places; I want to share my thoughts and findings and maybe, with some luck, somebody will read it.

Till my first post then

xxx Cherry

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